Mixer Extruders

The Aaron Process Mixer Extruder is designed for mixing medium to high viscosity materials with the added convenience to discharge products from the lower portion of the mixing bowl by means of a screw. The screw is positioned at the tangent point of the two counter rotating mixer arms. The benefit? Additional energy applied to the mixing process. The screw is operated in reverse to aid during mixing. When the process is complete, the screw is run in forward motion to discharge the product through a custom designed or customer supplied profile die.


  • Lower maintenance costs result from the absence of connecting gears and the additional room provided to access the gland and packing areas outboard of the mixing shafts.
  • Elimination of the connecting gear case reduces floor space requirements.
  • Unitized construction eases installation costs.
  • Capable of mixing materials with viscosities in excess of 10,000,000 centipoise!



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