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Mixer Extruders

The Aaron Process Mixer Extruder is designed for mixing medium to high viscosity materials with the added convenience to discharge products from the lower portion of the mixing bowl by means of a screw. The screw is positioned at the tangent point...(more)

Double Arm Mixers

The Aaron Process MBG & ZBG bottom discharge double arm mixer is known for ease of operation, mixing efficiency and variable bottom discharge options from flush valves to typical flange mounted ball & gate valves. Mixing adhesives, ceramic...(more)

Ribbon Blenders

Aaron blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of materials from granular, heavy density cakes, plastics and pigments to light, dry, fine powders. Engineered and constructed for rugged, heavy-duty production. A...(more)

Tilt Mixers

Rugged, Durable, Reliable & Long Lasting are just some of the terms Aaron Process double arm sigma blade mixers are known for. Mixing adhesives, ceramics, colors and pigments, lubricants, carbon pastes, silicones, gum, molding compounds, rubbe...(more)

LowBoy Mixers

As Rugged, Durable, Reliable & Long Lasting as the MCG tilt mixer the WCG “LOWBOY” mixer offers some added benefits. This unit will not require as much floor space or head room for installation. There is less need for structure pla...(more)

Laboratory Mixers

Aaron Process LNG Laboratory Mixers are available in working capacities from 1/4 gallon to 5 gallon. ¼ gallon and 1 gallon models are available from stock and furnished with variable speed drives, stainless steel construction and jackets as...(more)

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