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The Lowboy Design as compared to the standard height mixer is unique in many ways. This unit will not require as much floor space or head room for installation. There is less need for structure platforms to load your product and the unit will tilt at drum height to unload. The compact unitized design allows installation of the Lowboy in areas that will not accommodate the standard height mixers. Ample room is provided through the gland area to facilitate the maintenance of all packing glands. The standard gearcase assures a smooth quiet operation. This unit can be furnished with a belt drive (up to 250 hp) or direct connected motor through the gearbox.


  • LowBoy Mixers

WCG LowBoy Mixers

WCG WCG300 Specifications
Total Capacity 450 Gallons / 1703 Liters
Mixing Capacity 300 Gallons / 1135 Liters
Blade Motor 25-250 HP (19-189 KW)
Blade Speed 30 RPM (Front) / 17 RPM (Rear)
WCG WCG400 Specifications
Total Capacity 670 Gallons / 2536 Liters
Mixing Capacity 400 Gallons / 1515 Liters
Blade Motor 25-250 HP (19-189 KW)
Blade Speed 30 RPM (Front) / 17 RPM (Rear)
WCG WCG500 Specifications
Total Capacity 820 Gallons / 3104 Liters
Mixing Capacity 500 Gallons / 1893 Liters
Blade Motor 25-300 HP (19-224 KW)
Blade Speed 30 RPM (Front) / 17 RPM (Rear)
WCG WCG600 Specifications
Total Capacity 1250 Gallons / 41731 Liters
Mixing Capacity 600 Gallons / 2271 Liters
Blade Motor 25-400 HP (19-298 KW)
Blade Speed 28 RPM (Front) / 16 RPM (Rear)

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